Private Mortgages and Lending
By Pam In Red Deer

Shopping for a mortgage can be stressful and you may not be aware of all the details or what to look for. That’s why I work with people just like you who need a new mortgage for any number of reasons. And when it’s time for a private mortgage in Red Deer, you certainly want to have a professional on your side to make sure you find the right lender, the right terms, and the right rate.

If you need a private mortgage solution for:

  • Mortgage Refinancing – For those times you need access to the equity in your home.
  • Making a First Real Estate Purchase – Guidance to get you into a mortgage that’s best for you.
  • Commercial Property – Making sure you’re in the right mortgage for your business is key.
  • Mortgage Renewal – Don’t just renew, check your options first.
  • Reverse Mortgage – Find out what it means to use your home when approaching retirement.
  • Credit Problems – Get around the issues that may stand in your way of getting a mortgage.
  • Self-Employed Mortgage Options – Find the mortgage you need and be your own boss.

You have the right private mortgage expert in Red Deer with Pam Pikkert ready to help.

What’s Different About Private Mortgages?

The criteria for private lending can be very confusing, so it’s important to know which lenders are suited for a given client. That’s where I can help. When it’s difficult to get a mortgage from a conventional lender, like a bank or credit union, we often turn to private lenders that are able and willing to work with a client’s given goals, loan qualifications, and credit history.

Couple Signing Mortgage Contract

The Private Mortgage Process

As a mortgage broker with nearly 15 years of experience, I understand what my clients are going through to find a mortgage that works for them. I’ve been there! So I make the process as easy as possible to find you the private mortgage that you need for your situation.

Let’s Meet

In deciding if a private mortgage is best for you, we will talk about your goals, your needs, and your financial situation.

Red Deer Mortgage Broker

The Paperwork

We’ll work together to fill out the application, ensuring all the necessary details are covered to give lenders a complete picture of the kind of mortgage solution you need.


Upon approval, I’ll help you access your mortgage funds so you can finance a purchase or refinance your existing property. I’ll be with you every step of the way.

What You Should Know

Private mortgages tend to get approved quicker than conventional lending and they often have shorter terms, which is why you can be approved even with a damaged credit history. It’s a great way to rehabilitate your credit standing. However, due to the increased risk, private mortgage rates are often higher than usual and there may be some additional fees, like legal and documentation.  It is imperative you have a good strategy and use the private mortgage as a steppingstone to mainstream lending.  I will compare multiple options and ensure you are not paying more than you should for fees.

For all the details and help you need with a private mortgage in Red Deer, Call Pam today.